Fitness & Health Coaching with Mallory | PERSONAL TRAINING
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Personal Training

With 23 years of innate passion for movement, I propelled myself into fitness in 2011 as a certified trainer under the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) for personal training and group fitness. My definition of fitness is having a healthy relationship with your self and the world around found by physical activity and connection to others. I have taken all my experiences of international travel, fitness, and dance to help my clients/students maintain a fit lifestyle. I continue personal training and dance exploration in Atlanta, GA. Welcome! I want to take you on international journeys, keep your body healthy and fit, and guide you to feel and look your best no matter what.
“Be yourself, and keep it moving.”
Mallory Lee

Mallory Lee has an innate passion for physical movement, placing in state competitions in track and field, cross-country, and volleyball. She graduated from FSU with a BFA in Dance, dancing professionally in the nation and abroad since 2007. She focuses on the 3 most important components of fitness: cardiovascular health, mobility, and strength training. Her training is adjusted for any fitness level and age. she has been a certified personal trainer and group instructor since 2011 by AFAA. Mallory has a “work hard play hard” attitude with a concentration on alignment and creating a safe, entertaining, and positive workout environment for everyone. If you have injures or restrictions and have not gotten back in the gym, or you just need someone to push you harder to find the best version of your physical self, contact Mallory for your first free session at Snap Fitness. We have 24 hours/ 24-7 to get your workout in.